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I dunno if this is the right place to put this but I thought I'd toss in what I done for my boobla for Valentine's Days. I got most of the materials from the local craft and hobby store but you might have some of these things around the house.
Flotaing Candle Dish
Items needed
one fish bowl type bowl ( now you can use that bowl you won at the dime toss )
colored sand
scented or unscented floating candle( I used rose shaped)
glue( the kind that dries clear)
What to do
Put a thin layer ( on the inside of bowl) of glue from the bottom up to about 3/4 of the way to the top of the bowl. Pour colored sand onto the glue and tap to get it evenly coated. Measure enough ribbon to go around the circumference of the outside of the bowl and glue it in place where the sand line ends. You can either make a single bow with exta ribbon going down to the end of the bowl and glue it on top of where the ends of the ribbon meet or you can make a multi layered bow(which I did) ( I make a loop up , one down, one back up to meet the first loop until it is the desired thickness I want). Fill the bowl about 1/2 full with sand and add your candles. I'm not to sure if the candles can be lit but it would make a cute decoration.
Valentine Flower Arrangement
Taylored for Your Sweetie
One small to meduim vase
Silk Roses
Floral wire
small pigs (or your honey's fav barn yard animal)
silk buterflies already on floral wire
glass love bug
small piece of cardboard to put under love bug
straw ( and you thought straws were for drinking)
Windmill heart shaped (don't try to trade with a kid ..won't work)
Velvet heart on Floral Wire
Velvet kissing lip key chain that clips( if you can find one that whistles it would be great)
glue (clear drying of course)
What to do
glue a small end of ribbon to top of the straw, wrap around the straw diagonaly to cover all parts until you reach the bottom of the straw and glue the end of the ribbon to the end of the straw. glue the love bug onto the cardboard .. let it dry. When the lovebug is dry put a small amount of glue on top of the ribbon wrapped straw and place love bug on it. Get the love bug centered so it won't fall off the straw and stand in vase to dry. While that is drying you can wrap the floral wire around the barn yard animal's tummy .. you can either leave the wire bare or wrap it with ribbon or floral tape. Do the same with the second barn yard animal. Wrap the butterflies around the silk rose stems at different spots to make it look like they are either resting on the stem or perhaps eating the rose. You can either wrap the yarn animal around the rose stem or put them in the vase by theirselves.
Clip the lips onto the velvet heart stem. Put all together in the vase in any order you want, try to have the dangling lips on the same side of the vase as the heart is facing.
You can either tie a ribbon around the vase or leave it bare. Wala a Custom Taylored Valentine's Floral arrangement to last for years to come. If your sweetie isn't into the flower thing maybe your mother or a friend is (((((((((((((WILLOWWOW)))))))))))))
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