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working from home

To find a "legit" work at home job is next to impossible. I was lucky, I did find one, and it was the old fashioned way-through an ad in the newspaper. That job was working for a publishing company. My job was to contact other businesses and offer them a trial of our training-human resource materials. I worked with that company for 2 yrs, then decided to move on.

The nice thing is, that since I had already worked 2 yrs from home, and had a solid recommendation that proved I was self-motivated and dependable, getting the second work at home job was easier. This new job I found through an internet job site. The thing is though, it was not posted as a work at home position. But, since that is what I was looking for, I applied for the job, and explained to them that I had my own working "home office" (which actually doubles as a play room for my kids), and why it was in there best interest to hire me over someone else. And I got it!

So, I am now working for a different publishing company, my job is very simple - I book appointments for the Sales Reps to go out and sell the advertising. I work on salary, and I also get a small commission if one of my appointments becomes a sale.

See, the thing I want to tell you all, is that the right "work at home" job for you, might not be posted as a "work at home" job. You may need to contact that employer and explain to them why they should hire you, and how you can do this job from home. Expect to invest in a fax machine, internet access, and a good long distance plan, but don't forget they are great "right-offs" at the end of the year too!

Good luck job hunting!

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