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March Madness Crafts for Spring!

What-Not Wreath
One StyroFoam Circle aka Wreath
Leftovers of crafts for example:
Bits of Lace, ribbons, flowers, yarn, beads, paints, feathers
and what not you may have left over from previous crafts
Glue like that found in a bottle/can
Or use a glue gun.
Decorate your wreath by placing your left over crafts before
using your glue........
Then using your glue, add your decorative pieces to the Styrofoam Circle
Now if you rather you could add material or crepe paper or what not
first so your bits of left over crafts have a back ground.
That is the What-Not Craft inspired by Sunnieface

Saint Patrick's Cauldron
Material Needed for Saint Patrick's Cauldron
One balloon
Strips of newspapers
Pieces of black crepe paper cut in 1 by 1 inch pieces
One pencil
Some gold coins aka candy money
One black wire
One green paper shamrock

Take your balloon and blow it up then tie it off.
Then dipping the strips of newspapers into the liquid starch
start paper machie' your balloon. Don't cover all of it for it
needs a hole at the top for the gold coins aka candy money. Let it
Then take your black wire add it on for a handle for your cauldron.
Then using the eraser end of your pencil take a piece of the black
crepe paper and wrap it around, then dip the tip into the paste and
place it onto your paper machie'd balloon; cover til the paper machie'
isnt visible. Let it dry
Gently placing your gold coins into your cauldron
On the outside of your cauldron glue your shamrock!
Ta da!
May your path follow the Medicine Wheel
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