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Worked for a time in the clerical field until it darn near drove me to the brink. Took some time away from that and taught myself about HTML and Web publishing. Largely self-taught.

It wasn't until I attended a series of workshops and was introduced to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Instrument that it became very clear why I was so dissatisfied with clerical work.

Now I am able to put my verbal, editorial, programming and creative skills to work doing something I really love!

I am continuing to hone my skills in programming and design and I am working in Information Technology. While the field continues to be dominated by men, women are carving a niche for themselves, and my experiences thus far have been positive! I have a loyal client base and my colleagues respect me on the basis of my abilities and never consider gender an impediment or an advantage. She (or he) who works hard advances.

Nice to finally be able to articulate ideas, be stimulated constantly (I need constant stimulus and IT is forever changing, so a great match there!), work either independently or as part of a team (as I or the project dictates), have flex time, and not really have to deal with the front line anymore. Nice also to receive recognition for one's contributions and ideas. Woooo hoooo!

(By the way did I mention I love my job?)
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