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<CENTER><FONT SIZE="+2">Easter Bunny</FONT><BR>
by Mary Brandolino<BR>
<I>In memory of all the bunnies we couldn't save.</I><P>I remember Easter Sunday<BR>It was colorful and fun<BR>The new life that I'd begun<BR>In my new cage.<P>I was just a little thing<BR>When they brought me from the store<BR>And they put me on the floor<BR>In my cage.<P>They would take me out to play<BR>Love and pet me all the time<BR>Then at day's end I would climb<BR>In my cage.<P>But as days and weeks went by<BR>I saw less of them it seemed<BR>Of their loving touch I dreamed<BR>In my cage.<P>In the night outside their house<BR>I felt sad and so neglected<BR>Often scared and unprotected<BR>In my cage.
<P>In the dry or rainy weather<BR>Sometimes hotter sometimes colder<BR>I just sat there growing older<BR>In my cage.<P>The cat and dog raced by me<BR>Playing with each other only<BR>While I sat there feeling lonely<BR>In my cage.<P>Upon the fresh green grass<BR>Children skipped and laughed all day<BR>I could only watch them play<BR>From my cage.<P>They used to take me out<BR>And let me scamper in the sun<BR>I no longer get to run<BR>In my cage.<P>Once a cute and cuddly bunny<BR>Like a little ball of cotton<BR>Now I'm grown up and forgotten<BR>In my cage.<P>I don't know what went wrong<BR>At the home I did inhabit<BR>I just grew to be a rabbit<BR>In my cage.<P>But they've brought me to the pound<BR>I was once loved and enjoyed<BR>Now I wait to be destroyed<BR>In my cage.</CENTER>
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