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Craft for Craft Chat April 24th!

This craft is for April 24, 2003 Craft Chat.

Depending on how many of these you are going to make is how much of the craft materials you will need. I am going to write it up for one. This idea comes from a gift that I received from a roomie.

Angelic Clay Pot

1 small clay pot (the smallest there is for crafters)

2 inches of white eyelet ribbon
1/2 inch of green pipe cleaner

One wooden ball w/face
(or you can put one on)

Small watering pot and flower
(this is for the hands)

One popsicle stick

You will need hot glue gun, glue sticks, and scissors.

Invert your clay pot to where the top is now your base.
Hot glue your wooden ball w/face on it. Make sure your face is the right way! LOL

Take your ribbon and fold it where the ends are in the middle and cant be seen.

Pinch the ribbon in the middle and using your popsicle stick to press your ribbon on, hot glue it to your clay pot on the back of it. This will be the wings of your angel.

Next, taking your scissors cut your pipe cleaner in half. The one half is for your halo of your Angel, hot glue it to the head like a wreath of laurels.

Then take the left over piece of your green pipe cleaner, using your scissors cut in half again. These are for the arms. Making sure to use your popsicle stick (so you dont get burned) glue on your arms to the side.

Then glue your small water pot to one end of the arm and the same with your flower to the other end of the arm.

Viola! You have a Gardening Angel.
Thanks to beaner165!

Remember to use your imagination with this for it can be changed from season to season.

Planter's Waterfall
One large clay pot 10 inch
One medium clay pot six inch
One small clay pot four inch

Depending on how many will fit several small one inch clay pots

One bag of dirt/soil

Several different flowering plants or just a couple of different seeds.

One bag of gravel like for an aquarium.

Three rocks to lay over the holes in the base of your clay pots. So water can drain but not the gravel and soil.

Spread your gravel over the rock in the base of your three large clay pots. Then do so again with soil but only fill the pots halfway with soil.

Sitting one pot inside another, stack your pots. Now either place your flowering plants around the base of the clay pot sitting in the larger one or plant your seeds around it. Then cover with more soil if needed.

If using seeds make sure to water generously. If using flowering plants do so carefully.
Then do the same with your last one inch clay pots in the top of your Planter's waterfall.

You may wish to put in a dowel in the holes of your clay pots to keep them aligned or rooted. Make sure to check the different soil beds to keep them moist.Ta da!

You will have a Planter's Waterfall! You can also paint the outside of your clay pots to add a more artistic flair. Have a great day!
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