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WA, I go through spells of loving my job and hating it. Right now, I'm sorta at a standstill with it. I neither hate nor love it. Guranteed to change daily. I work in the financial community. I train and mentor tellers and teller managers and supervise a group of tellers in a center.

Currently I am in the process of creating a managers technical guide for all newly hired supervisors. It started on a whim to help out a trainee I was mentoring and heaven help me, I have orders for 11 on my desk at the moment from current supervisors. Once those go out, I hate to see what the orders will look like. And since I also service the customers who come into our center, this hasn't been a top priority issue. I did partner with the head trainer and made her one so she can issue them to new trainees when they leave their initial training! I REFUSE to bring work home with me! Besides, it would interfer with my chat time

Why I started into banking? My mother told me I would love it! I must, I've been here 22 years and counting...I've had a host of positions here from, teller, teller manager, department manager, Field Operations Specialist of 20 locations(I absolutely loved this one!), Teller Leader over 7 centers with 30+ tellers and now, teller manager, trainer, mentor. It's what I do best....
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