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Wooo I am finally the first to post <G>. Sallvie got an award at his art show on Thurs.. "Best represntaion of theme". I look at the progress Sallvie has made in art over the 3 years he has been in Headstart. Sallvie has gone from just one or two strokes of the paint brush on his project to painting the whole project. What he actually won the award for was a gluing items on the paper and drawing a little. There is much improvement there as well.. Sallvie's first collages had maybe one or two items that may or may not have been "related". This collage had like 8 items that were related! Will Sallvie be the next Picasco? I think he probably wont be (being that Sallvie has said he wants to be a 49er football player when he grows up) but the progress Sallvie has made makes me very proud of him. High fives to Sallvie
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