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Smile Married and a Lesbian

This is my first time posting. I have read some of the other postings and I can tell that everyone is really nice and understanding. Well I have been married to a wonderful man for 8 years now. He knew after the first year that we were married that I am a Lesbian! But I was not admitting it to myself! I guess it goes along with the culture of our world. He always told me to find myself a woman that would love me! Well last year I finally realized he was right and I admitted it to myself! I told my good friend and she told me it was about time that I finally admitted it to myself. Since I have done so, I have felt free to be the real me! Well I met this woman on line last October and we are together now. It is long distants right now, She is in kuwait and I have been counting the days till she returns. I have found that I have never been happier! I told my Boys the truth and they are dealing with it now, they sort of understand and are getting use to it! I have told some of my close friends that I have met online and they were a little taking back but they now know and they are still my closest friends. Yes my girlfriend knows and she can't wait to meet my husband! I have always been afraid of telling any of my lesbian friends about my life, but now it has been a little easier. My husband and I have been married but never had sex! He knew from the start that I did not marry him for sex, but that I loved him and he has been a great father to my two boys. I don't know if anyone will understand any of this but it feels good to be able to post this on this web site.

Thank you
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