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Thank You

Thank you for your input. I did not know that there was anyone else out there that had the same sort of support. My girlfriend who is overseas is a lesbian and she knows my whole life. That is why we love each other. She is also very support of me! We have done a lot of talking before she left and we still talk only in letters and cards. We have talked and have told each other how we feel and she would never ask me to uproot my life for her and I would never ask her to uproot her life for me! We know each other and when she comes back we will have plenty of time to do more. I know it sounds really weird but it is not! I know it is hard for other lesbians to understand how I feel and there are some that I cannot tell! I have never lied to any of them and I would not. But if they don't ask then I don't tell! My girlfriend asked me the first time we talked if I was married and I told her the truth and she understood and accepted it! She told me that she loves me for being me and not hiding how I am. I feel for those that do not have a husband like mine! I have been told that they are rare to find (LOL).

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