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<center><font size=5>Things to Consider About Business Opportunities</font></center>

Business opportunities involve companies, some legitimate and some not, that require you to pay a start up fee. They send you materials for you to make money with. These can be as extensive as a kit of products to take door to door to as simple as a one page flier on how to be a professional photographer.

Be sure to go to the Better Business Bureau but be aware that while a company might be operating legally they still can take advantage of you. A legitimate opportunity will not hide facts from you. If someone can not tell you in thirty words or less what they do for a living, you don't want to be working for them. They will be able to tell you EXACTLY what comes in your start up package, how much it will cost, and the amount of money you will be making.

Often times a business opportunity's rules will prevent someone from sharing their actual salary, but they should have NO PROBLEM explaining rate of pay. Is it commision based? *Most of them are* What percentage do you make, and what is commision made on? Most are between 10 - 30%. At 10% you would need to sell $10,000 in products to make $1000. Then you have to pay income AND self-employment taxes and take money out for expenses.

Some businesses allow you to sell from a variety of product lines, but you can only earn commision on the line you buy a start up kit for. Are they compensated for recruiting? Some businesses require their members to recruit to stay active. Also many businesses require you to purchase a new start up kit every year.

The majority of biz opps are SALES positions. Many revolve around door to door, or home party sales. Some rely heavily on internet traffic. You need to be aware of the laws that apply to these businesses. Does the person trying to recruit you know about the laws in their area? Can they help you with yours? Will support be ongoing or will you be abandoned once you sign your contract?

If you aren't comfortable hitting your friends up to buy things from you, biz opps probably aren't for you. Don't panic! There are MANY things you can do from home that do not require an investment of anything but your time. <p><br><p><br>
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