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Gosh - it has been a very very long time since I was on these boards... I was married for 18 years, raised 5 kids, and just had my first grand baby. My marriage didn't end over this issue, but I deeply loved my best woman friend, and we had lots of plans for after I got out of my marriage - how we would raise our kids together, etc. But I couldn't get out fast enough, and things didn't materialize that way. Because of my fear of loosing my kids, and because I didn't meet anyone that I really was interested in, and because I live rural, I kept it all stuffed for about 10 years! I have met a couple of women recently who are very interesting to me <G>, and it has been like an explosion of bottled up emotional and sexual energy! I think that besides some of the natural physical/sexual desire, there is a very strong gravitation toward women for the depth of intimacy that I crave. At any rate, I finally am able to FEEL in ways I never did with a man. On ever level. Here I am at 47 feeling like a little kid who just discovered something wonderful - to the point that I am nearly jumping up and down clapping my hands. The fact that my youngest child is nearly 16 and about beyond her father's grasp as far as custody issues has enabled me to finally move forward with an amazing amount of freedom. At the point that I enter into a partnership, I do not want to hide it, I want to celebrate it. Which will be helped by the fact that locally, I have been pretty out even without benefit of a partner - but have worn rainbows and worked for gay rights publically - so now it is only a matter of finding and partnering with the right woman. cool...

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