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I know this is a LONG post but it is worth it if it keeps the joys of our lives safe.

Subject: FWD 14 Tips to keep your kids at amusement parks

Summer is a perfect time for a vacation, and many families enjoy taking their kids to theme parks. Children, as well as adults, love the rides and games, but the important thing for all kids to remember is to remain alert while enjoying themselves. Here are some things to keep in mind.

14 Tips A Parent Must Know For Amusement Park Safety
1. Before you go, get a map of the park and show your child exactly where all of the Help and Information centers or booths are located. It's best to discuss the issue of getting lost well before arriving at the park and to have a plan in place in case your child is separated
from you.
2. Tell your child to have fun, but to remain aware of people around him or her. Distracted children are more prone to be targets.
3. Tell your child that if anyone approaches him or her or if he or she feels threatened in some way to scream, "I don't know you! You're not my Mom or Dad".
4. Your child should wear brightly colored clothes so he or she is easy to spot in the park.
5. If you have a young child, he or she should be with you at all times during your park visit, even on rides.
6. If your child gets lost, instruct him or her not to look for you in or outside of the amusement park, but to go immediately to the closest Help or Information center or booth he
or she can find and ask the person in charge to bring you to him or her.
7. Tell your child not to go into solitary places in the park alone, or to go with anyone in the park, not even with someone dressed as a theme park character, without first getting your permission.
8. Tell your child not to help anyone, engage in conversation with anyone, or accept gifts or prizes from anyone at the park, without first getting your permission.
9. Make sure your child carries with him or her necessary emergency information in case he or she becomes lost. For example, your child should know his or her full name, your full name, address, home telephone number, cell telephone number, additional emergency contact, such as grandparent or close family friend.
10. If your child is old enough to use a phone, seriously consider purchasing him or her a cell phone and carry one of your own, so that if you should become separated, you can call him or her, or he or she can call you. You may also consider bringing a two way radio to the park. Also, make sure that your child has enough change to make a phone call if necessary.
11. If your child is older and is going with friends, tell him or her to stay in the group. Tell your child not to go through the theme park on his or her own. There's safety in numbers.
12. If your child is going to the park as part of a field trip or other group and you won't be present, tell him or her to follow the applicable tips in this publication and to ask the appropriate adult in authority for permission as he or she would ask you. Also, if your child goes with a group, make sure that there's proper adult supervision.
13. Always accompany your child to the public restroom, no matter what his or her age.
14. If you should be separated from your child, immediately report him or her missing to the
park authorities.
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