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/me rushes in to re-stock the shelves. Can't keep enough toys around for everyone these days! Hey, I'm having a SPECIAL GUEST soon. <G> As in Tuesday night. WooooHooooo

<FONT SIZE=+3>(*(*(*(*(*QW*)*)*)*)*)*</FONT>

((((((Moonbeam))))))) It's an IBM Thinkpaddy 760XL and the reason I acted so dumb on the phone is because my mother was sitting there and she's not so keen on my buying another 'puter. I've been putting all of QW's goodies on it. Should be really nice.

((((((((Serene)))))))) I hope you're doing okay. I'm hanging in there, too.

(((((((Shopper and Scooby)))))))) /me loves turtles! I've stopped the car to move one off the road before. LOL


((((((Ones I've missed))))))) <G>
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