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I just bought The Polyphonic Spree's CD, "The Beginning Stages of...The Polyphonic Spree."

I adore these people!! You may have seen a bit of one of their songs ("Light and Day") on the new VW Beetle commercial -- the one where they say "pods unite" because you get an iPod with a new Beetle right now.

When I bought the CD, the clerk at Barnes & Noble LEAPT into the air and shouted, "YES!!" I haven't seen a purchase generate that kind of excitement in a while.

They're wonderful...symphonic...great big WALLS O' SOUND. You can hear their stuff at their website:

Just click on "audio" or "video" files and hear or watch them. "Light and Day," "Have a Day" and "Soldier Girl" are my favorites so far.

Let me know what you think.
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