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FOLKS !!!!!!!!
Now as far as the whole webbies not bein able to chat, i know tons of us have inundated web with phone calls and emails to basically no avail.
you can also (i did) email icq since this is their problem as well
goto on the top of the page, towards the right hand corner, their help link
go about halfway down to chat issues and click on that
scroll down to the bottom of their list if faq questions to one that says what if i have more problems or something like that
click on that, then fill out all the imformation you can, most of it is computer setup organised, leave them blank, and fill ot what's going on. if you're a webby tell them how long this has gone on, how you are logging in, or trying to, and what happens, if nothing, or if a screen pops up, tell them everything and how agravatin it is to have been able to chat and now cannot and how much you want this fixed. computer users tell them that you want the webbies back. inundate them !!!!!!!
i'm going to post this in a few boards too as well as on my webtv help page on my website, i will see if i can get a direct link so we don't have to go throuh all that if possible.
try that later lol
good luck folks !!!
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