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/me goes to Skye's place to read the post. ((((((Peas)))))) The login page was messin' with me just now, too. I'm glad you're here!

((((((Moonbeam))))))) THANKS! I had a wonderful party, and did get a bit tipsy. The best part is that everyone thinks I'm three years younger than I am. LOL Why bother correcting them? They had 36 candles and that was hard enough to blow out. I got a 7-year-old boy to help me.

I got a Christmas ornament (belated, I think) and funny cards, and two books on tape (from QW's parents) and an amber necklace and ring!!! (from QW). It's been a fine day, but we have a lot of snow again.

(((((((Serene))))))) Thanks for the card! /me loves Iguanas.

((((((Nova)))))))) I'm not sure I could learn a new platform at this stage of my life. I do think those colorful Macs are adoable.

<FONT SIZE=+3>*(*(*(*(*(QW)*)*)*)*)*)*</FONT> I love you. Thanks for the EXCELLENT presents, and card (which had to be hidden pretty right away).
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