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{{Sallvie}} wtg kiddo!

well.......let's see.....while I'm son has some issues when it comes to joining teams, sports programs, etc........not the activity part, he is very athletic, but the social part. We tried soccer last yr and he was scared stiff.....begged me not to make him go - of course I didn't make him, I mean it is supposed to be fun, not torture, lol......
But anyways.....we's been awhile, lets try swimming, I knew he would be scared, we sat down and discussed it.....I told him that it was perfectly fine to be nervous, that probably the other kids were too..but that I wanted him to try his best, to take a deep breath, be brave and JUST DO IT.......AND HE DID!!!!!

He did not cry one tear! He went with his teacher and the other kids, and about 5 minutes into the class, he looked up at me and gave me the thumbs up!!! I am so happy - this could be such a stepping stone for this very sports-oriented child......sooooo happy - and very proud....... <G>
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