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These kids all sound great, don't they? I love sports and loved to watch my kids play them, but it's equally exciting to just see them doing something they can put their heart into and enjoy fully. Both Dad and I supported whatever they chose. We sat through LONG HOT AS HELL baseball games, freezing soccer games,
basketball tournaments, etc, but the worst was the time we drove all the way to West Va, extrememly early one Saturday and sat on bleachers from 7:30am to 5pm, to watch our #2 son, spar two times (karate) with boys twice as big as him. He held his own but watching your son get attacked by a boy with a beard, isn't really FUN! The whole family went though and we all had sore seats for a week. Sean never knew about that part though!

huee that's wonderful about your daughter and Cinderellen, I so agree. Sean is also a terrific artist. He lived in the wilderness out west and did trail building and now is back and has a workshop where he builds furniture from lumber that he cuts himself. I say let them try whatever they feel interested in and see where that takes them.

My youngest son had dreams of working in film production and is also very artistic. He now works in Manhattan, in CBS's workshop building sets for TV shows. He loves it!

My oldest is a numbers man, like his dad. He's working in investments and has a wife and son and has his life is pretty well organized.

Sorry I went on here, but the above posts got me going. Raising happy kids is my favorite topic.

See, I didn't even mention my perfect first grandson who will be 1 next month.

Give me time.....
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