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I have two best friends. One here in my city (we call each other "chickie"), and the other, Shea, whom I've never actually met. Each is equally special, and each offers something different and unique and contributes to my personal growth.

I'm a little sad in the knowledge there is the possibility "chickie" might be moving away.

From the first e-mail from Shea, I knew we were kindred spirits. She is a sweetie. My biggest regret is that sometimes the obligatiosn of home and family are such that we can't write as often as we'd like. But I have been there to support my "hyster sister" and she was there to support me through the loss of a family member.

Friends are friends regardless of the medium -- if they exhibit the characteristics, traits, and attributes of a true friend, that's what matters. DLC55 can tell you more about what a true friend is -- her recent posts in WS on that subject have really moved many. I hope she posts her thoughts on that here.

{{{ DLC55 }}}

My two cents. (Canadian economy being what it is, that don't amount to jack. ROFL)
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