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We're having trouble with our son and his schooling. I'm concerned that he's bored in school. His grades don't reflect his knowledge or his "potential" although I dislike that word when applied to a child. What I get from our conversations is that he doesn't see the need to put forth the effort for repetetive work that he's done over and over for the last 3 years. The catch 22 to that is that because he's not making straight A's the teachers don't see him as a candidate for some sort of gifted or enrichment program. His tests are consitently high, but he puts very little effort in seatwork and homework, hence the b's. He does struggle with spelling, but again it's from not seeing a need to do it, not because he can't. He can hear or read something once and know it, for the most part, except for spelling . I know I'm rambling, it's hard to put all this in words, when it's mostly a feeling I have based on the little I can get out of my son. He's in 5th grade, by the way.

Have any of you dealt with anything like this? What would you suggest?
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