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Wink Well here is what I had to do

(((( Cinderellen and son )))))
First you did the right thing by going to the principal and teacher and letting them know you don't want your child by the 'problem' child. The next thing you will have to do with your son is tell him that he has to show the Teachers and everyone else how smart he is by putting forth an effort. Yes it is repetitive and boring. However, until he has proven he can do the work (by the teacher's standards) then nothing will be done or changed. I found out by accident that my son is usually bored but I told him you get on top of this (schoolwork and homework) then he will get a chance to pick. Yet the ultimate choice is up to him. So he choose and since then he is doing great. Not all the time especially when he did Algebra, then too with peer pressure it does catch him sideways sometimes. In the meantime, I wish you the best of luck and keep your chin up.
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