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I love working from home

Another poster was correct in that it can be harder to work at home with a child or several of them! But it is so worth it to me!

I have to work, but I want to be able to raise my child, so I choose to have my own home based business so that I can do both.

I had tried a bunch of things in the past and had been really frustrated and discusted with the whole process. I just kept on looking til I found something that was legit and risk free.

Now I can work an hour in the morning, a couple hours in the afternoon (son still naps!) and then after he goes to bed. It's awesome!

If you want to check it out for yourself go to:

I really researched this company and they have an outstanding reputation and are members of the Better Business Bureau. Be sure you always check out a company with the BBB! Very important, I learned that the hard way!

That's my two cents worth. I love working from home, and am more then willing work harder in order to have the best of both world, a full time parent and a part time worker able to make a full time income! WooHoo!
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