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Ghost or Pumpkin Jars

Use for candle holders, teacher gifts or treat holders.

You'll Need:
baby food jars (large for ghosts-small for pumpkins),
white glue, tissue paper - white, yellow, and orange
black permanent marker

Dilute the glue to a painting consistency. Paint the jar a bit at a
time while applying torn pieces of tissue paper. Cover the jar
completely...maybe two or three layers and dry overnight. Use a
permanent marker to make the face of a ghost or Jack -o-lantern.
Tip: Using torn paper instead of cut, adds a nice texture to
this tissue decoupage. Combine orange and yellow paper for a realistic
texture to the pumpkin.

Place a safety tea light into the container.
If you are giving this as a gift--fill the jar with candy corn or
chocolates and tie a piece of green raffia around the top.
It couldn't hurt to write a small note about removing the raffia
before lighting the candle.

You'll Need: Cloves, Cinnamon, Nutmeg

Mix spoonfuls of these spices together. Pour them into a square of
Aluminum foil. Add a few drops of water and close leaving a small
Opening at the top. Place them onto a cookie sheet and into a 275
Degree oven. As the water evaporates you will notice the aroma wafting
Through the house. You can also achieve this activity using a damp
Paper coffee filter sealed with a "twist-tie"
Homemade Face Make Up

1 tsp cornstarch, 1/2 tsp water, 1/2 tsp cold cream, food coloring

Stir together starch and cold cream until well blended. Add water and stir, then add food coloring.

Wash your face and any area that you will be applying the makeup to.
Dry thoroughly. Use fingertips to spread onto large areas.
Use a small paint brush to paint designs on face. Removes with soap and water.
Store in airtight container.

Homemade Bruises

You will need:

Deep blue powder eye shadow,charcoal or smoke gray powder eye shadow, shimmery green powder eye shadow, make up brush

Using a blot of deep blue powder eye shadow, apply with a wet make
Up brush. Use your fingertips to add blots of charcoal gray and blue
Shadows. Touch up the edges with a shimmery olive green. Smudge the Bruise to complete.

Homemade Blood

You will need:

1/2 bottle of light corn syrup, very hot water, squirt of liquid soap, red food coloring, blue or green food coloring (optional)

Pour light corn syrup into a bowl and add hot water sparingly,
Adding and stirring until you have the right consistency. Add
A squirt of liquid soap to make it the blood easy to clean off
Later. Tint with red food coloring. You may add a drop of blue
Or green if you like to make the blood a darker color. Store in
The refrigerator until ready to use. Smear on as needed!

Macaroni Skeleton

As preparation for this project, study the human skeleton.

What You Need

Black construction paper (approximately 6" x 11.5")
Glue that will dry clear
Lima beans (head, thorax, hips)
Short, small macaroni in a tube (spine)
Thin twisted macaroni (arms, legs)
Elbow noodles (ribs)
Small shells (joints)
Spaghetti (fingers, toes)
Black permanent marker
White crayon to write their name on the paper

How To Make It

Make a sample skeleton for the children to copy from.
Review the key features with them. Let them build their skeleton,
Starting with the head, then the neck/trunk, working down, gluing
the macaroni and beans to the paper. When they are done, they can draw
a smile and eyes on the 'head'.

Soda Can Bat

Materials Needed
Black spray paint Tacky glue
Paint for eyes and mouth small pompoms
black foam magnet glitter paint for wings crushed pop can

Directions: Spray paint the can black, let dry
Crush pop can - do NOT crush hockey puck style, you want the can
elongated. The bottom of the can is crushed to the back. The top of
The can is crushed to the front.
Spray paint the can black again to touch up any spots, let dry
Paint on eyes and mouth, or use wiggle eyes Glue on small pompom for
Nose Cut out ears (triangles) and wingsfrom black craft foam
Glue ears and wings on can Outline wings with gray glitter paint or glue
Attach magnets to back of wings for use as a magnet.
You could also attach a string for hanging instead if you wish.

Sugar Cookie Pumpkins

1 cup butter or margarine, softened
1 cup sugar
3 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 cookie decorator (in a 4 1/2 -ounce pressurized can)

In a large bowl with an electric mixer, blend together the butter and
Sugar. Add the eggs, vanilla, and 1 cup flour and mix well. By hand,
Fold the remaining flour, the baking soda, and the baking powder.
Refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Lightly grease a large baking sheet.

On a lightly floured board, roll out the dough until it is 1/8 inch
thick. Cut out the cookies with a pumpkin shaped cookie cutter and
Place them on the baking sheet. Bake for 8 to 10 minutes, until lightly browned.
Remove from the oven and let cool thoroughly before decorating.
Makes 2 to 3 dozen cookies

Thanksgiving Crafts
Dried Leaf Owl

Materials Needed:

Assortment of dried leaves
8" X 12" piece of white cardboard
Glue brush
Large picture of an owl
Optional: adhesive picture hook

Dry the leaves.
Trace a picture of the owl (or draw your own) on to the piece of
cardboard, using all the space available.
Place the leaves on your drawing, and keep rearranging them until you
Have the picture just as you want it.
One by one glue each leaf on to your picture using different sizes
and shapes of leaves to make your picture interesting.
When dry attach optional adhesive picture hook to the back and hang up.
Corn Cob


40 pony beads in assorted fall colors
About 4 feet of yarn or gimp


For those of you who have enjoyed making Geckos from pony beads
I thought you might like to try this. I saw a picture of indian corn
made from pony beads in a craft catalog and thought I would try one
on my own. It turned out really cute.

Start with 1 bead on the end and then 2 beads on the next row.
Then 3 beads. Then 7 rows of 4 beads each. Then back to 3 beads,
2 beads then end up with 1. Tie it off really good.
Make two "cobs" of corn each and then tying them off with dried
Raffia at the top.
Baked Pumpkin Seeds:

--After all the pumpkin carving or pie making, don't throw out the seeds.
Separate the seeds from the stringy pulp (don't rinse or
Remove every last bit of the pulp -- the pulp adds flavor). Place
The seeds on a cookie sheet, stir in about 1/4 cup of melted butter
Or margarine, sprinkle with a small amount of salt and then bake in
A 350 degree oven for 10 minutes until lightly browned. Enjoy!

Sam the ScareCrow

You Will Need:

Two straight sticks or dowel rods-about 3/8" in diameter x 8" and 3/8" in diameter x12"
Shredded yellow pages
Scrap construction paper and fabric
Fine wire like telephone or florist's wire
White glue
Block of wood for a base
Acrylic paint
Newspapers on which to paint
#7 or #8 Paint brush and pan
Hot glue gun and sticks
Electric drill

How to:

Paint the base before starting to make the scarecrow. By the time you
finish the figure, the base will be dry and ready to assemble. Wash
the brush when finished, because acrylic paint which dries in brushes
can ruin them.

Make the Arms

Gather some shredded pages together into a bunch measuring about 1/2" in diameter.
Hold the bunch in the palm of your hand, and pinch the ends together. Place the shorter stick on top.
Lay another bunch of paper about the same size in diameter on top of the stick, and hold in place.
Fasten the paper to the stick at the scarecrow's wrist by tightly wrapping it with a 3"-4" piece of wire.
Gather the loose paper around the other end. Holding the ends of the stick, carefully twist the shredded paper around it. Fasten tightly with wire at the other wrist.
Cut off the extra wire. Trim the paper ends, and snip it to make finer.
Make the Body and Head

Again, gather some shredded pages together into a bunch measuring about 1/2" in diameter.
Hold the bunch in one hand as before, and pinch the ends together. Place the other stick on top.
Lay another bunch of paper about the same size in diameter on top of the stick, and hold in place.
Fasten the paper to the stick by tightly wrapping it at the top with a 3"-4" piece of wire.
To make the face, wire the paper about 1" below the top. Decorate later with scrap paper.
Lay the arms across the longer stick just below the face.
Place a long piece of wire diagonally under the cross pieces where the arms meet the body.
Bring the ends together, and twist tightly in the center.
Take the ends to the back over the remaining sticks, making an "X" with the wire on the front. Fasten tightly at the back and reinforce, if necessary. Cut off the extra wire.
Wrap wire a short distance below the cross pieces to form a waist.

Design the Clothing

For a female scarecrow, trace the apron pattern, cut it out, a
nd dress the figure.

For a male scarecrow, divide the remaining shredded paper in half
to form two legs. Wrap the wire tightly around each ankle. Trace the
vest pattern, and cut out. Make an opening for the figure's head. Cut
the front as shown, and dress the scarecrow.

Make the Hat

Trace the patterns for the hat brim and crown, and cut them out.
Working with the hat brim, cut out the circle on the inside. Now make
short cuts all around the inside of the small circle, forming tabs.
Put glue on the underside of each tab, and place it on the scarecrow's
The top of the hat is made from a cone. Hold the paper with the
straight side up, and fold one side over the other, folding toward
Adjust the size of the cone to fit the figure's head, and then glue it
Snip off the top 3/4" of the cone, and then partially collapse it by
gently pushing paper down and into the center.
Glue the cone to the brim, and decorate the hat with scrap paper.

These are just a few ideas of how to dress the scarecrow. Try to
create some designs of your own!


Drill a hole slightly smaller than the stick or dowel in the scrap
wood. Use a hot glue gun to fasten the scarecrow to the base.

Tips and Tricks:

If you don't have a paper shredder, just cut the paper into fine
strips with scissors, or have an adult cut the paper for you using
a utility knife or a paper cutter.
Another option to using a base is to attach a wire at the back, and
display the figure by hanging it on a wall or door. This will
eliminate the need for the wood, glue gun, and drill.
Substitute a scrap of felt for paper in making the hat, and use fabric glue to make the pieces stick together.

You Will Need:

White paper or Illustration or Mat board
India ink
Soft rag
Paint brush
Scratch tool
Masking tape

How to:

Begin by coloring random shapes or patches all over a smooth,
heavyweight scrap of paper or a piece of illustration or mat board.
Give each shape several coats of color or press down on the crayon to
make sure the shape is colored heavily. Work with bright colors, and
avoid using black, because it won't show up under the India ink. Also,
metallic gold, silver, and copper are difficult colors with which to

After the entire paper or board is colored, you're ready to brush on
the ink. Since crayon is a waxy material, it will tend to resist the
ink when it's applied. To help the ink stick to the paper or board,
remove some of the "waxiness" by lightly polishing the crayon with a
rag. Brush the ink onto the crayon, and if it resists the ink,
patiently move the ink around till it sticks. Allow the board to dry
completely before continuing.

In the meantime, make a scratch tool by reusing an old compass or
some common household items. The point on a compass makes an excellent
scratch tool. Reuse it by removing the pencil, closing the tool, and
taping it shut with masking tape. Another way to make a tool is to
tape a finishing nail or a large embroidery needle to the side of
a pencil.

Halloween themes are especially good subjects for crayon etching.
You might draw a creature from outer space or a jack-o'-lantern.
Before you start scratching out the design, make a simple drawing
to use as a guide or plan. Now the fun begins! Start etching the
picture by scratching through the ink layer to the crayon below.
Just make a line drawing, or develop some textures by scratching lines
or shapes close together. Examples of interesting patterns are all
around you, or refer to the crayon etching design sheet pictured above
for some ideas.

Tips and Tricks:

Use this technique to make designs and more pictures with other
themes. Try making a quilt block or a stained glass window design.

Making a crayon etching can be very messy. Be sure to protect your
work space with newspapers, especially for the inking process and the
actual etching. If you must rest your hand on your picture as you
work, place a scrap of paper underneath to keep your hand clean and
to protect the artwork.

Mat board is nonrecyclable, so reusing mats helps save the environment
and money. Ask your picture framer to donate a good, used mat for your
finished crayon etching.
You will need: Loofa sponge, Block glycerin soap, Glass measuring cup
Microwave, Plastic wrap, Tall drinking glass, Knife, Scissors


Dampen the loofa sponge in water then squeeze out excess.
Cutting across the loofa, use scissors to divide into three pieces.
Cut 3 large squares of plastic wrap. Set one piece of the loofa
upright on the center of a piece of plastic wrap then wrap the sides
Of the sponge, leaving the top open. Repeat with remaining pieces. It
Is important that the plastic wrap not have any seams or openings in
The bottom area. Push wrapped sponge into tumbler.
Use knife to cut glycerin soap into small pieces about the size of
Small ice cubes. Place these pieces inside the measuring cup then
Microwave them at 15 second intervals, occasionally stirring the
Melting soap pieces with a large craft stick. DO NOT let the soap
Come to a boil. Once the soap has melted, pour it into the glass over
The loofa sponge.
Let the soap set in the tumbler overnight. Or, place it in the
Refrigerator to speed up the process.

When the soap has set, remove the loofa from the tumbler then remove
The clear plastic wrap. Use a knife to cut into slices.
May your path follow the Medicine Wheel
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