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I work from home. I work for a small publishing company that produces a community based senior's magazine. My job is to book and co-ordinate appointments for our Sales Reps to go out and try to sell advertising in our magazine to area businesses.

Frankly, I have been lucky, this is my second work-from-home job. The 1st one I had (which I left to take this new one) I found in the local newspaper. It totally sounded to good to be true.....I remember the ad "Work from Home Part-Time and make $18-23/hr". Well, I called the number, spoke to a real guy - we spoke for quite a while - almost like a telephone interview, and he asked me to come to the office for a "real" interview. Now, at this point I was still leary so I had my husband take me, and to my surprise, they had a real office.....with real employees, and it was legit....I did make what they claimed, from home, but it was hard work.

I worked there for 2 yrs until I found a job posting online for another job that I liked the sound of (my current one). This job was not a work-at-home job, but since I had 2 yrs of experience at working from home, and a reference to prove that I could motivate myself, and was good at what I did, I convinced my new boss to give me the job AND let me do it from home.

I am on salary now, no more hourly wage which is nice. I have the flexibilty to go to the school if my kids need me, which was priority to me. My boss is great, he never asks me to account for my time (as long as I am producing, and doing my job well), which also works to his benefit, because I think when you feel valued, you work harder, so he often gets "extra" time out of me in return.

Wow - what a long post - my original point was .......Legitimate work at home jobs are VERY hard to find....what I would suggest is that you find an existing job opportunity, and find a way to do it from home. Invest in cable speed internet, a fax and a long distance plan, and then convince your new employer why he should let you do it from home. That way you know it is a "real job" and not a scam.
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