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Most dreams can be interpretted but to understand them almost all symbols need to be in some kind of context. Just remembering you dreamed about something is like only smelling one spice in an Italian resturant. You might get it and it might get lost in the mixture.

Terri's dream is pretty clear: she hopes this person never comes to visit.

antiana though has an interesting array of elements...and in someway they are all connnected. To dream of flying is an indication of ambition. Elevators and stairs both indicate life changes...up is change for the good and down is change for the bad. Simply standing in the elvevator or on the stair means you just don't know where to go. Because the elevator is made of sod there is a possibly of imminent change of residence. Perhaps someone is moving out or in, or the dreamer is thinking of moving. Dreaming of a forest indicates some confusion, and the golden color possibly means to not judge appearance or that some things are different than they appear to be. The native man would seem to indicate the dreamer is into wish fullfullment, more likely though, he is an idication that she knows there is change on the horizon and is looking for someone to share the burden of the unknown.

Dreaming of a house indicates relationships, and kitchens represent health. To leave a dirty kitchen and move to another in the same house seems to mean health issues worry the dreamer but she ignores them as long as she can and moves on in spite of the people around her. She would rather maintain the relationship than worry.

So, knowing your dreams in their context would make it easier to learn to understand them and thus help you deal with your life....I think.
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