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i'm new here, and i'm so glad i found this website...i have been looking for a place to discuss my situation
i have been with "don" for 9 years i recently admitted to myself that i am a lesbian...i met "karen" a few months ago online and immediatley fell in love with her...she is amazing...i left don for karen about amonth ago and it was real messy...he took my oldest child and wouldbn't give her back...i ended up going back to him a few days later...more for my child than for myself...almost as soon as i went back home i missed her and regreted my decision. karen is wonderful and she is still around for me and she is waiting for me to leave him again. i feel bad for her because her life is on hold waiting for me and i really don't think i'm worth it...she tells me everyday that i worst fear is that i will leave hiom and he will take me to court for custody of our girls...any advice?
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