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shannah_c Gosh this is not an easy thing to answer or deal with. I would like to think that you can't be kept from your kids based on your sexuality alone but I don't know your state laws. My best advice would be to find a lawyer who knows about the Gay/Lesbian rights in your state. Contact your locla ACLU to see if they have any advice . Another way to go if money is an issue would be your local legal school if you have one. I wish you all the luck in the world. I suggest you find out what your child/children have been told by your husband as well. Children are often torn between parents when they divorce no matter what the situttion is. Honesty is always the best way to go but only if your child is old enough to handle it. As a mother I would I would suggest you re-assure your child/children that mommy and daddy love them and that what is going on is NOT their fault. I have a wonderful son who is very accepting of course he has always been around my friends. A couple of months ago he told me " I am a very lucky boy. I have a Mommy, Daddy and P..... ( my partner's name). I couldn't ask for a better child
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