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its all going to work out for you

shannah_c, i know this is tough and im sure you never imagined yourself in this situation, if you truly love "karen" with all you have then it shouldnt matter if its going to be messy or not, all break-ups are messy, especially ones that have lasted so long. As long as you know that you have her and you and your kids will be happy in the end, it will be worth all of this frustration and pain. Im sure "karen" is a wonderful person and will give you all that you want, need and deserve. To start a relatioship with someone through the roughest of times, and if it lasts through it, that tells you something right there. Fate has taken over and you must go with the flow. You can not help who you love or who loves you , you must just take that and run with it. True love doesnt happen that often anymore and we are very lucky we found it. You have the rest of your life with her to make up for the years you feel you have wasted. Love will conquer all!!!
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