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Talking Christmas Crafts

Mix Match Gifts
(All bought from Dollar General under 25 dollars)
6 coffee cups
1 six-pack of socks
1 box of candy canes
1 box of tea bags
1 bag of chocolate candies
6 gift bags
1 pack of tissue paper

Take a cup. Place inside one candy cane, two tea bags, and
Few pieces of chocolate candies. Take a pair of socks and
Wrap around the handle. Take a sheet of tissue paper and
Place inside gift bag with the filled cup.

Lemon Tree Angel
1 Lemon
1 black marker
1 pair of scissors
1 sheet of poster board
1 ring circle cut out from gold paper (or paper that has gold glitter)
1 bobby pin
3 inches of ribbon (your choice of color)
1 hot glue gun

Take the poster board and cut out one set of wings and using hot glue gun
Attach to the back of the lemon. Using marker make a face on the front.
Then put your ring around the head. Using a bobby pin put in top of
Lemon and attach ribbon in a bow.

Jingle Bell Wreath Christmas Tree
Materials needed:
3 green sheets of felt
5 yards of red ribbon
10 small bells
10 red pom poms
10 circular poster board rings
1 pair of regular scissors
1 pair of fancy scissors
Glue of your choice (hot glue, tacky glue)
1 needle with green thread
1 hole puncher

Make ten rings out of the 3 sheets of green felt. You will be cutting
Out the center of the felt pieces. Using a hole puncher, put in holes
In your green circles. This is for threading the red ribbon. Once you
Have threaded your red ribbon thru the holes leave four inches so you
Can string on a small bell. Tie this and using your glue, put on a
Red pom pom. Once all ten wreaths are done, take your sewing needle
And green thread and connect all together in a pyramid fashion. To
Resemble a christmas Tree. Add some ribbon at the top of your tree
To hang.

Stay Safe and Warm! Happy Holidays!
Now get crafting! LOL
May your path follow the Medicine Wheel
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