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When I was a child,the children tended to bully those who didn't act like others were doing or were conspicuous,especially,were often praised by teachers or ranked high in a class.If a child told a teacher that he/she were bullied,the bullying were more violent.Teachers couldn't stop it.When I was in a fourth grade of elementary school,I made a new friend.I usually spent a time with her at school every day.After that,about five students hid my shoes or wouldn't talk with me because she and I were good friends to each other and they felt it conspicuous.In addition,even students who were always kind joined the bullying thogether or intended not to be related to it and do nothing.If they didn't do so,they were bullied,too.I was afraid that if a teacher knew that they were bullying me,the situation would be more serious.So I didn't ask my parents and teacher for their advice then.If I get married and have children in the future,I want to be a mother whom they can trust and talk with whatever happens to overcome the hardship together.To get rid of bullying may be difficult.But now I believe that everyone has consideration for others and we can realize it by talking with each other.
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