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just learning

My partner and I bought a house built in 1961. It needs a lot of repairs, and things keep breaking.

For example, the tube that takes water to the ice-maker in the fridge started leaking. I tried to fix it, but can't get the leak completely stopped.

The tank on the back of one of the toilets started leaking. I bought new bolts and stared to fix it, but I can't get one of the old bolts off. It's rusty.

My mom would tell me I'm just not strong enough and to get a man, but I would really like to do it myself-- and save the money.

I don't know which jobs I should attempt myself and which I will need to hire someone for. Can I buy a new door and hang it without testosterone, for example?

Can anyone advise me on how and where to educate myself about such matters.
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