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The "F" word

So heres the deal. Im 24 years old, in school, and living with a man I love with all my heart. When all of a sudden (actually it didnt happen so suddenly) I come across the "F" word. Feminism. WOW what a powerful word. Ive been so afraid of this word because of the negative conotations society has placed on it. However, as each day goes by I realize more and more that I am, dare I say it......a Feminist. Im to the point now that Im not so afraid of the word, now Im becoming more and more proud to be in this elite group of women that are speaking up.
So here I am now. protesting the images I see on tv, billboards, in magazines, everywhere. Im speaking up for what I believe is right. The problem...I never thought I would be met with so much resistance (mostly from men). Its gotten to the point where Ive been reduced to tears trying to get people to open their eyes and see where Im coming from on this issue. Sometimes its so frustrating I feel like Im talking in circles. ITS NOT THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND. At least thats my opinion.
I suppose what Im looking for here is other peoples stories. I just want to know that Im not the only one confronted with ignorance or people with the unwillingness to understand.
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