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Talking Well...

Hi and how are you? Here is my two cents worth for what its worth. LOL
That sounds like anything most women say that men dont like or want to listen too. Sometimes there are women who dont want to listen since it'll cause them more trouble than its' worth.
Then again many have been down that road before and know where it usually ends up at. The choices we make today we live tomorrow. Some men are open minded and realize that women are usually right thus listen to what we have to say. Then there are the male chauvenists (sp?) that believe men are right. Yet I believe everyone is equal...Yes men have certain areas they are stronger in than women yet could you imagine a man having a baby? LOL They'd surely want to die. Anyway, I believe that no matter what I am not going to be dominated nor do I wish to dominate my partner. I want an equal oppportunity in my relationship. Which by the grace of the Creator I am blessed with. I hope that you will become a regular and keep on posting on the message boards. Have a great day!
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