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wow, what an interesting topic! and a very personal one. i'm not sure i am a feminist, but for as long as i can remember, i've never paid much attention to anyone who wants to assume anything about me because i am a woman. and i certainly try not to do that to anyone else. my mother was the queen of the double standard,(i grew up with five brothers and no sisters) and i recall pretty much fighting her on everything the boys could do, but i could not, and everything i did and the boys could not. so, my perspective might be just a habit by now. i take everyone as they come to me and take it from there. and don't tolerate too much sexist attitudes. i think the younger generation might have it a little better, but, 'old habits die hard' as they say. its up to us to remind/educate people that while there are differences in the sexes, people are people first, and take it from there.
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