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The Apprentice is a "reality" show that airs on NBC Thursdays 9pm ET. There were originally 16 contestants, 8 male, 8 female. They are vying for a job to run one of Donald Trumps companies. Each new episode they are assigned a marketing job and the men and women compete against each other. Each week one is fired. So far only men have been let go.

The thing is, the women have been using their sexuality to sell thier item each week. For example the week they ran a lemonade stand, one of the women was selling kisses in addition to lemonade. The women wear short skirts, very high heels, and tend to reveal as much cleavage as possible when they're marketing their product. While the men are more staid, trying to project a more professional demeanor.

I wonder what this does for the women in the business world. Do we watch this show and think that maybe that's how successful women got where they are? It implies that for women to succeed in the business world they have to sell thier bodies not their skills and talents. I think it's an interesting study in how our television portrays women in the work place. I hope that the average person watching doesn't think that it's what the corporate world is really like.
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