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Well no wonder I haven't gotten promoted! Tomorrow, it will be a whole new Atman, I can tell you!

The whole thing sounds pretty torrid, and now I remember seeing commercials for the show. Even in the commercials, the women seemed to be selling themselves. It was almost like watching a comercial for a comerical.

It reminds me other commercials I've seen for Dream House - at least I think that's the name. It's that show where people get together to build and fight each other over a house. Sort of like Habitat for Humanity meets Survivor. In one commercial, we learn that a woman was having, or is having, or is about to have, or is thinking about having, an affair with a married contestant. It's woman against woman, pretty clearly. At least so it seems in the commercial. It is rather alarming on many, many levels, not the least of whihc is "CATFIGHT COME WATCH THE CATFIGHT."
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