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I agree with Cinderellen. This the first time I've been in this folder but here is my input. I have been refered to as ladylike. I don't mind this. Cause I can swear and dress as I please but still be a lady. Sometimes the tem is used in a hurtful way. As for the term bitch. Well, dogs of the female gender are the only thing that sould have that term used with. On forms were you are asked if you are male or female I have no problem. In all depends on the content. As long as its male/female or man/ women I don't mind. as long as it's in taste and not meant to demoralize anyone. any sexual title can be demoralizing if phased wrong. Anyway, as I was going to say, the sterotype "lady" is out dated. I can wear jeans and a ratty tshirt and still be a lady. Just as a person who wears a dress everyday can look like a lady but not be one. Okay sorry, I'm getting ff subject. I'll stop now.
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