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Feminism is the belief that women and men are equal. No more no less. Anyone who believes this basic principle is a Feminist - however they feel that this should manifest itself in the real world.
If a man (or woman) is hostile to feminism, they are openly declaring that they believe that women are and should be inferior to men (or the other way around). I know that the word is misunderstood but that frankly is no excuse.
It is a simple belief and you either agree with it or not. Those that don't are very messed up people and probably shouldn't be encouraged to breed.
Next time a man gives you grief over feminism, ask him if he believes that women are equals to men. If he says yes, take great pleasure in informing him that he is in fact a feminist himself! If he says no, why on earth would you waste your time, energy and breath on talking to such a cretin?
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