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I doubt the Governator would like that either. I'm in Florida where I have to take a double dose of the Bush Empire. (Bush Ceasar's younger brother is our Governor)

As far as I am concerned, Christians who want to protest gay marriage should revoke their government-contract marriage-license. If that want to be totally scriptural about it, the ten commandments are in the old testament/covenant with God. The new testament that makes them Christians clearly states to "give unto ceasar what is ceasars." The new testament only has 2 commandments 1) love god with all your heart, soul and spirit and 2)love your neighbor as you love yourself. I don't see any of these protesting Christians following anything in the new testament. Or giving up what is Ceasar's.

Did you know that the legal marrige-contract with the govt. provides over 1000 legal protections to married people? And a religious rite provides none of it. So, until those protesters are willing to end their legal protections by divorcing under civil law saying that a higher authority views them as married, I aint't interested in talking to them!

I hope I didn't garble everything I was trying to express, but I can do that sometimes. I am so glad to find someone that thinks the way I do!

As an aside: How do I create my signature? Or is "brede" my signature? Don't mind me, I'm just a computer dummy!
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