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We have a bunny... her name is Oreo! She lives in one of those huge fishtanks (the kind that take up the whole length of the wall) when she isn't out in her "bunny run" that we created for her in our computer room. We made her this play area that includes boxes to chew on... LOTS OF ROOM to run...a litter box, and this weekend, we bought her a ball with a jingle thing in it and a carrot that sounds like a rattle. Oh My Gosh...she is having the best time with those!!! We went to PetCo and they have an amazing amount of "bunny" stuff. I've been wanting to get her some toys for a while, but never did and when we went to get more bedding, I happened across that aisle and poof..plopped down $20 for our bunny's amusement! (More like ours!) She is the best to watch!!!! LOL!

Anyway... I agree with ya Tammy - They are ALOT of work! but in our family, Oreo is worth it.
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