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Our old door (for people not cars) in our garage used to be a flooding problem. I dug out a 3'x3' square, lined it with newspapers and dumped a huge amount of aquarium gravel in it. We never had fish, but we did keep snakes for a while. My hubby would find them at work, put them in his pocket (a 3 foot rat snake once!), walk around the mall doing his security thing and then bring them home. The 5 foot rat snake he found and put it in a paper bag. All day long people asked him what was in the bag. He wouldn't tell them it was a snake, he just told them to take a look.

The only thing I ever minded about that was when they both just vanished. We never found or smelled them in the house, so I guess they made it outside. We used to keep our sliding glass door open all the time and it didn't have a screen.

I also used to collect old bricks and patio stones (especially the broken ones!) and made a patio out of them off the back porch. It was great and not an overwhelming task since I never found many bricks or stones at one time. It took about 5 years to build it.

Where is the "Florida House"? I've never heard of it and I have lived in FL most of my life.
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