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When she was young, she had the exuberance of a boxer (meaning - she was wild, crazy and into everything!). As she has grown older, she reminds me of the bloodhound Jeb Clampett had on the "Beverly Hillbillys."

We put a training collar on her as soon as we got her. At one point in time, a friend of ours was a dog handler with the Sheriff's Department. He told us to bring her over and see his un-neutered, male "well trained" dog. We walked into the house, the male tried to mount her, she slammed him to the ground with his belly up. When she got off of him, he stayed belly up and whining! Then we took them both to the backyard and the two men were showing off the training. Emma was by far the better trained dog. The friend said that was because she wasn't attack trained. We had him put on his protective sleeve and try to grab me. Emma had him down on the ground in seconds. We never trained her to do that at all!!

She is a great dog! However, since the dog and the cat are both senior citizens now, they won't be replaced for when they die. We need a break from the managerie that we kept when Pirate was growing up.
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