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Minty, go to the pet store and pick up an item called clear start, Do a partucial water change at the same time. You may also want to check and see if you are using the right size filter. An air pump help keep the water moving and keeps it from getting too cloudy. If all else fails ask your local pet shop what if( anything) they charge to have your ph tested. With just gold fish it maybe too high.
Another trick to keep the water from clouding is besure you've rinsed your bottom stones well and place a small dish in the tank. Pour the new water onto the plate. When the tank is part way full remove the plate and fill the tank the rest of the way. One last tip, be sure to add just a pinch of salt to your water. For some reason goldfish love it! Good luck Fishy momma P.S. The real pretty betta's witht he lng fancy tails are all males. The females are much smaller and not colorful. Hey I use to have 3 tanks going. Over the years we've owned a lot of fish.
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