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It's hokey, it's trite, it can make my inner cynic scream bloody murder. But mostly I like it. (In fact, it's a good guage of whether I'm depressed or not...)

<b>Love is Everywhere</b>
by John Denver

Love is everywhere, I see it
You are all that you can be, go on and be it
Life is perfect, I believe it
Come and play the game with me

Open yourself to the first celebration
Open yourself to the joy and pain
Life is the fruit of your own creation
Every new birth is a soul regained


Drinking my life from a silver fountain
Sweet water running to the cold salt sea
Old man moon* on a white top mountain
Sound of the wind singing dreams for me


Follow your heart like a flying stallion
Race with the sun to the edge of night
Form your truth like a gold medallion
Dance in the circle of the love and the light

(repeat and fade)

*this is not the only song where Denver refers to the moon as masculine.. what gives with bucking the dominant paradigm? :::grinning but also a semi-serious question:::
"One of the lessons of history is that nothing is often a good thing to do and always a clever thing to say." -- Will Durant
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