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aww {{{{{ Susie }}}}}

come on kiddo, you can do it. Heck, I'm still stuck at 6 pounds lost. But I am holding it there.

We all fall off the diet wagon now and then... so it really has to be a "life style change". But you didn't put it on in a few months and it will take anywhere from 6 months to a year for you to reach some satisfactory weight loss.

Mean time educate yourself in nutritional values of food...
I still believe in eating a little of everything is best. Right now I and Mr. Anti have to watch the fat intake. But we had cake yesterday. Regular cake mix... except just the 3 egg whites, and substitute 1/2 C. water and 2 tblspoons flour for oil. Baked it on a jelly roll pan. We eat it plain or a little raspberry jam spread thin.. yummy We saved ourselves 850 calories on the whole cake.

Ok I am 1/2 pound lighter, and lol I am logging it in here. My last # on my weight digits is the only thing I will reveal... and I am just below the zero.

Back to The MIL... would a pie in the face do her.
did I say that?
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