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Cat Haven :P
thats where i found FELIX, or more to the point.. he found me.
Cat Haven is a shelter for felines that otherwise would be disposed off. when i went there i found 40odd cats, all shapes, sizes, age, colour and temperament. was SOOOO hard to choose.
none of the ones i liked felt 100% right, until i laid eyes on FELIX, who until that point was asleep or had his head stuck in the foodbowl ( that was a warning sign i failed to take note HAHA)
just when i was about to make my selection he turned around and looked at me and was SOOOOO beautiful. i went inside the cage ( generous sized ones!!!) and he stood on a ledge, front paws on my chest and looked me straight in the eyes... well that was THAT.
i took him home and he is the most awesome puss i have ever had, we are the perfect match!

are you looking for a kitten in particualar or would you consider an older cat as well?
personally i would always favour an older cat ( Felix was 18month).
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