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(((((((( DLC ))))))))
You can get it at HMV stores or online. There is a Canadian online site at and I don't know if there is an American counterpart. It is not a new release...Sept 1993 I think is what the site notes said. It is a great collection...all his best.
I'm also listening to:
- Diana Ross The Ultimate Collection
- Cat Stevens Tea for the Tillerman (one of my all time favs)
- Roberta Flack softly with these songs the best of
- Harry Chapin Greatest Stories Ever Told
- Carpenters The Singles
- Eric Clapton The Cream of
- Indigo Girls 4.5 (this is new for them)
- Heart and Soul New Songs from Ally McBeal featuring Vonda Shepard (new for me too...what a voice)

I could go on and on but have to get in that shower and ready for Yikes...look at the time!!!
I will listen to newer stuff, but my heart remains with the older stuff and sadly, Croce and Chapin Karen Carpenter are gone and Stevens has gone off to some religous thingy. Dang!!!
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