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<li>Spam, spam, spam, and people who don't know how to use the bloody BCC function in their galdarn e-mail program. Would you stand in the middle of the street and divulge your colleagues' personal information to everyone who passes by? Would you knowingly contribute to the spread of a worldwide pandemic? OF COURSE NOT!!! Yet, by failing to use BCC, you're doing just that. Okay, melodramatic perhaps, but think about it. By not concealing the recipients' addresses, you:
<ol type=a start=a>
<li>are essentially doing the same as blabbing their home address and telephone number to the world
<li>make it tremendously easy for spammers and hackers and nefarious people to harvest e-mail addresses for the purpose of spam and sending viruses
With the amount of absolute crap mail already out there, why aggravate the problem even more?? ARGH!
<li>Cat coughing up hairballs
<li>Evil, wicked, nit-picking, bigoted, backward-thinking, closed-minded mothers-in-law
<li>Bad drivers
<li>People who park their big fat arses in the middle of the causeway when there is ample room to gossip just 5 feet away. (I wanna go up to them and tape a big "WIDE LOAD" sign on their back... Heh)
<li>People in food courts who have shopped till they drop all day long and who have made one last VALIANT effort to walk the 240 miles or whatever (much as Gandhi did) for the sake of getting a bite to eat and who yet cannot summon the energy to walk the additional 5 steps to the trash can to dump out their tray/trash...
What bugs me even more about this is that some people defend their actions by saying if they cleaned up after themselves, "those poor immigrants wouldn't have jobs to support their families." I'm sorry, but WHAT THE ***** KIND OF BASS ACKWARDS LOGIC IS THAT????
<li>Just re-read points #1 and #7. People who are prone to unnecessary hyperbole. LMFAO. Heh. (Sorry, I just had to throw that in.)

Okay, I'm done for today.
There are 2 means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.
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