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I hadn't noticed this folder! So far I agree with ALL the pet peeves mentioned. Especially those hit and run posts! I've been posting on another board and that is their favorite activity. Last week it happened again by someone who hasn't posted in over 18 months. She posted a really nasty post about someone and dredged up all these things that she had said she had forgiven this person for.

And, as true to me, I responded to her in what I thought was an appropriate manner. I've become persona non grata on that board. Fine with me. That board is like junior high, everyone complains, but no one will do anything to change their own lives!!!!

I love this board!

And for an animal pet peeve, my 14 year old cat has decided her box is for liquids, not solids. Arrrgh! Fortunately, I have been taken off cat duty for a long time since I have to take prednisone and my immune system doesn't work very well.
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